Are you interested in data and investigative journalism, transparency, access to information and civic projects based on open data? Do you want to learn from scratch, gain deeper knowledge or discover relevant initiatives from the very people who developed them?

At Civio School we have a wide range of videos, both ours and third-party, on the activities we carry out. Some examples:

How to carry out data journalism following the example of ‘Medicamentalia’

This is how we analyzed the differences in the prices of 14 different drugs in 60 different countries, and thoroughly investigated the pricing and patenting system. This video was recorded for an open class on data journalism at the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja in July 2015.

Improving Journalism with Ruby

Talk by David Cabo, chairman of Civio, in Madrid.Rb. Original source

Introduction to Data Journalism / Preparing Data for Analysis

Workshop delivered by Eva Belmonte and David Cabo (Civio) at InnovaData.

Where to find data - Access to information, transparency and Open Data

Presentation by Eva Belmonte (Civio) at the CCCB on 24 May 2013, for the Ist Conference on Data Journalism by OKFN_Es.

Your right to know - The right to access public information

Presentation by David Cabo at TEDXMadrid on the right to access information in Spain.

Much more, at Civio School.