We seek effective partnerships with organizations and consortia to create journalistic investigations and projects in areas such as public procurement, fiscal transparency and, in general, the accountability of institutions. Civio is a member of the following consortia and partnership networks:

Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN)

A non-profit international network of journalism organizations with over 145 members in 62 countries. Members.

FANDANGO Consortium

European consortium aiming to provide unified techniques, integrating data analysis and media cooperation to detect and debunk fake news, enabling verified communications for all European citizens. Members: Engineering, LiveTech, CERTH, Siren Solutions, VRT, ANSA, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Civio.

Openbudgets.eu Consortium

European Consortium for the creation of methods and tools for fiscal transparency in the H2020 framework of the EU. Members: Open Knowledge International, Journalism++, Open Knowledge Greece, Bonn University, Fraunhofer IAIS, Open Knowledge Germany, Transparency International, Vysoka Skola Ekonoomicka Prague and Civio.

CHEST Consortium

A European consortium which facilitates projects in the field of digital social innovation under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) 7 of the European Union. Among others, Onodo. Members: Civio and Eurecat.

Lobbying Tranparency

International co-operation network to promote an international standard for transparency in the regulation of lobbies. Members: Transparency International, Access Info europe, Sunlight Foundation, Open Knowledge International and Civio.

ProAcceso coalition

Network of groups in Spain that promote recognition of the right to access data as a basic right. Members.

Subnational Government Pilot Program of the OGP

Pilot program to involve subnational governments in the Open Government actions promoted by the OGP. Guidance and evaluation for one of the chosen pilots, the City of Madrid.

If you have a national or international project idea and think we can bring our technical knowledge and experience to it, contact us. Le’s chat.