You may have seen Civio’s reports in other media or websites. This is perfectly normal: all of our content is generated under a Creative Commons licence. This means, among other things, that you can share our texts with your own readers. To do so, just copy and paste our publications on yours, ensuring you honor the following conditions:

  • Credit the article to its authors. In the byline, cite Civio and the author, if possible as follows: “Name of the author, Civio Foundation”. If your CMS does not allow this form of byline, add the citation to the start of the text body.

  • Link to the original article (not our homepage). Do this at the beginning or end of the text with the following byline: “This information was originally published on Civio”. If you want, you can also add the name of the specific project you are sharing (e.g., our daily BOE).

  • Do not make changes to the information therein, except to localize, modify idiomatic phrases or time phrases according to your style guide (for example, “Catalonia” for “Catalunya”, “Thursday” or “last Thursday” for “yesterday”). We are ultimately responsible for the veracity of the text, from the headline to the final period. If in doubt, contact the author of the text.

  • Respect all links in the text: these are an intrinsic part of it and add authenticity to its content.

All items are re-publishable. We do not compete with media. We want you to use our reports. Many people already do so.

  • Translate the text to another language if you need to, but always respect its intended meaning.

  • We allow for your website or your print media containing advertising to use our stories. However our texts must not be sold or used as paid content on your site or publication. This is strictly prohibited by the type of license we use.

  • It is not permitted to use programs or scripts to automate the re-publication of all our stories, because this mean you are not re-publishing, but rather duplicating our website. Select only the content that is of interest to your readers.

All items are re-publishable. Some good examples of how the media share and respect Civio’s reports can be seen in La Marea, El Confidencial, El Mundo or

To make things easier, in each article you will find the HTML code with the text and graphics included with the story. By copying and pasting this code in your CMS, you can re-publish any Civio report and safely comply with our guidelines, as well as the terms of our Creative Commons license.

Does this include all of your projects content? Yes - everything, unless specifically indicated otherwise. For example, images whose specific use has been granted to us by photographers and media to illustrate our investigations in España en llamas or _Quién manda. _In these cases, the rights belong entirely to their authors and not to us, thus you must ask for their consent before using them.

If you have any questions, please write to [email protected].