We need your donations to continue monitoring public authorities and put an end to opacity.

Helping us to keep our work INDEPENDENT is the only way we can carry on doing our duty.

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We need to make it to 1,000 members

Our mission is to end with opacity in public institutions, to keep close eye on public powers, to inform citizens and to use innovation to freely access to data that matters.

With your support, we can affect real change. We’ve already savoured many small victories, but there’s a long way to go. We will demonstrate, with rigor and credibility, that your support is worthwhile.

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The greatest reward from becoming a member is being an integral part of the victories and accomplishments we achieve together. By investigating and monitoring those in power, publicly exposing bad practices and pursuing real, effective transparency, we can improve democracy.

At Civio we consider the information we generate to be a service in the public interest. That’s why, unlike other media that charge fees to access their content, all of our topics are open to all, members or not. And you’ll never see advertising on our website. The key to this lies in your support.

Becoming a member also has other advantages:

Welcome gift

A copy of Españopoly signed and inscribed by its author, Eva Belmonte. The book that tells you how to seize power in Spain, or at least understand it.


We cordially invite you to the annual donors' event held at our office, as well as to regular, exclusive events online. Network and exchange ideas.

Donors' Wall

None of this would be possible without the incalculable support of our members. This is our small homage to their efforts, and our endless thanks to them all.

Donors' Mailbox

We will address questions about transparency, public administration, access to information, data journalism... Answers and help in finding the data you need.

Deduct up to 75% of your donation

We are a non-profit organization and as such, you can deduct up to 75% of your donation on your income tax return.

A deduction of 75% is applied to the first €150 donated to any organization over the year, with 30% applied to the remainder. To this, you can add a further 5% if it’s the third year in a row that you have donated over €150 to us.

We want you to fully understand these conditions because donating, in this context, proves more beneficial: it implies a lower real cost for you, and for us it helps us to go further.

Your donation Your deduction Your actual expenditure
 12 €/month 9 €/month 3 €/month
 24 €/month 12,83 €/month 11,17 €/month
 32 €/month 15,23 €/month 16,77 €/month
 70 €/year 52,5 €/year 17,5 €/year
 240 €/year 139,5 €/year 100,5 €/year
 460 €/year 205,5 €/year 254,5 €/year

If you pay taxes outside of Spain, in the Basque Country or Navarra, the tax deduction will be calculated differently. Please write to us if you have any questions regarding this point..

Frequently Asked Questions

Civio does not receive any subsides or state aid, nor does it feature advertising. Increasing our community of donors allows us to work more steadily on long-term investigations, plan our projects, and not depend exclusively on the provision of services or winning international competitions and securing grants. It makes us stronger.

Your contribution, no matter how small, will help us to continue investigating and lobbying, to be able to independently disclose opaque practices in our public administrations.

We are already managing to make a difference, and there’s plenty more to be done.

We have introduced issues into political agenda and social debate that were not previously touched, such as transparency, the right to know, details of meetings between senior officials and lobbyists, or citizen participation.

We have driven change in regulations at all levels, from Congress to city councils, so that issues such as public procurement or the activity of lobby groups come under public scrutiny, thus helping to avoid corruption.

We have uncovered malpractices in public management, from institutional advertising campaigns that skirted the law to the arbitrary granting of pardons, which today comes with a political cost.

We have made complex information about public policies and the major decisions that affect us understandable for all citizens.

Do you want to know everything we have done during 2017? Click here and access our Management Report?

Of course, you can do so via this link.

Or if you prefer to donate via a bank transfer, you can make the payment to this account number, specifying “donation + your full name + your phone number or email address” in the comments.

IBAN ES22 0049 0001 5125 1185 1136

Once complete, we will contact you for further details regarding the certificate of donation.

We work for transparency and we lead by example. That is why we publicly acknowledge the support of the people who make our work possible. To guarantee this transparency and the fullest independence of our work, if you are a person of political importance (we will investigate with a basic search on the internet) or if your donation is equal to or greater than €150 per year, we can only accept said donation in your full name. If you prefer not to disclose your full name, your donation amounts to less than €150 per year and you have no political ties, let us know and we will include your initials only. Civio does not accept anonymous donations under any circumstances. Thank you for your contributions, which allow us to ensure our operation complies with the highest demands.

Yes, by donating as a legal entity you can also benefit from tax deductions as follows: 35% if you have been a member for less than three years and 40% from then onwards. If you pay taxes outside of Spain, in the Basque Country, or Navarra, the tax deduction will be calculated differently. Please write to us if you have any questions regarding this point.

When you decide to change your monthly contributions or stop your regular donations, simply contact us via: [email protected] or by calling 91 172 79 72.

Donors' wall

Civio is possible thanks to 100s of members and/ or donors who, through their commitment to us, support us economically. Our victories belong to them, but much remains to be done. Support us too and lobby with us – we’re hoping to hit 1,000 members. Join now!

Donors’ wall

The work Civio carries out is vital. It means people are better informed, and in turn, people who are better informed ask more questions and demands more answers.

María Yolanda García
Civio donor since 2014

Civio is an example of how we can influence our environment through simple projects on the web.

Pablo Castro
Civio donor since 2013

I believe that for an organization such as Civio to work, it is of the utmost importance for it to remain independent, above all economically.

Pablo Arias
Civio donor in 2013

Civio is a wonderful project that highlights the lack of transparency from our leaders, as well as raising awareness among the public. Initiatives such as Civio require funding, and this can only come from the donations of people who, like me, decide to make a small contribution.

David Sanz
Civio donor since 2014

Civio puts forward arguments that allow citizens to draw their own conclusions and make informed judgements of what goes on around them.

Carlos Canet
Civio donor since 2014

I support the work you do because transparency is an essential prerequisite for full democracy. The data allow us to compare hypotheses and reject myths, clichés and orchestrations. Only an informed citizenry can be free.

Vera Sacristán
Civio donor since 2017

This is about taking back the power we have handed over to institutions and corporations, and I believe that transparency is the basic and minimum observance of a truly democratic system. Thanks for your efforts.

Manuel Cuesta
Civio donor since 2017

Members' mailbox

Via the Members’ Mailbox we will address (as a priority) our members’ queries on the topics of transparency, public administration, access to information, data journalism… Want to find out if your local council is required to publish the minutes of their plenary sessions? We’ll reply and help you to find the answers.

Members’ mailbox


Contact us if you have any questions or want to increase your donations.

[email protected]

+34 91 172 79 72