Who’s paid for the work? was an investigative project that showed and analyzed for the first time all the public works contracts published in the Spanish Official Gazette between 2009 and 2015.

Although this investigation was discontinued after it was published, Civio kept on shining a light on public procurement, specially during the Covid pandemic.

In the face of numerous difficulties and obstacles placed by governing bodies in accessing key data, this journalistic investigation was able to reveal detailed information about 8,058 contracts, totalling 38.8 billion euros, and identified which construction companies received more contracts and from which public bodies. We have been able to shed light on this critical area, a critical element of corruption cases related to urban planning and illegal financing of political parties in Spain.

The project was also accompanied by a set of training materials, collecting everything we’ve learnt throughout our dissection of Spanish public procurement. You can read more in our detailed methodology in Spanish.