In-depth research on public procurement: irregularities, corruption and its performance.

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Civio's footprint in a more transparent public procurement

Congress has passed the new Procurement Law and we are now able to verify the impact we have had: the majority of Civio's anti-opacity recommendations have been included - either directly or indirectly - in the regulation. Let's look more closely at the mark we’ve made.

Who's paid for the work?

The Kings of Bricks and Mortar

Just 10 construction companies raked in 7 of every 10 euros allocated in the Official State Gazette (OSG) since 2009, in contracts for public works.

Civio News

Who Is Paid For The Job? Search all public works contracts published in the Spanish Official Gazette since 2009

A journalistic investigation of Fundación Civio analyses and allows access to 8,052 contracts awarded in the last seven years, for a total value of 38,828 million.