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Boko Haram violence, corruption and poverty, causes of poor immunisation coverage in Nigeria

On August 11, 2016, Nigeria witnessed a major setback in what had been a milestone achievement for the country: the return to the list of polio endemic countries.


The struggle to get vaccinated in Nigeria's displaced persons camps

In the northeast region of the country, where these camps are located, 80% of Nigerian children have not been vaccinated.


English and Swiss doctors are more transparent than German and Spanish ones

All these countries publish a declared portion – how much each doctor received from each firm – and an anonymous portion, published as an aggregate figure without names. It is partial transparency.

Civio News

Civio will extend its award-winning investigation Medicamentalia to report on access to contraceptives and reproductive health

We will do so combining data journalism and storytelling, focused on personal stories of women in countries where access is most difficult.


4 years after the hepatitis C revolution, how much do new drugs cost?

Countries with very different incomes pay similar prices for accessing the new medicines, while states continue to play along the secrecy imposed by pharmaceutical companies.


Numbers that don't fit

Some countries pay for their vaccines more than others with higher incomes. The opacity in the sector hides the cost for governments and prevents them from demanding better prices.


Holes in the shield

Half of the countries in the world do not achieve immunization rates sufficient to curb the transmission of illnesses such as measles.